"No Man is an Island"

Life is a journey that is best made in community. Here at Molly Bears we want to help you connect with others: Grow, Learn, and Heal together. To start is simple: Join the Molly Bears Community, Create a profile, connect with others gain the support you need and support others in turn. Together we can all make a difference.


"Hope is Alive"

After the death of a child everything seems so insignificant. Many people feel isolated from their family and friends and well meaning people can hurt more than heal. Many times one feels lost and alone. We are here to be a support, to help you through the tough days and rejoice with you for the good ones. One day at a time, one minute at a time, together we can make it through this Journey.


"Empty Arms"

The Death of a child is something that no parent should live through. Nothing can replace a child, we know this. At Molly Bears we seek to comfort you by filling your empty arms. A Molly Bear is a weighted teddy bear made just for you, to the exact weight of your child. It is our hope that your Molly Bear would bring you comfort. Just another way to support you on this journey.


"Blessing Others"

Every person is called to bless others in different ways. Some have the financial resources, some are encouragers, while others have skills, knowledge and time be the doers. At Molly Bears we want to support you from the Hospital to Hope and every moment in between. This is a big undertaking with a lot to be done. From support literature in the hospitals to a bear in the arms. As a member of our Molly Bears family, you can be involved. How will you choose to make a difference?