Bear Sign-up (Down)

The Molly Bears Order form is closed, but re-opens on the 30th of every month. (Or the 28th/29th of February) Please follow our Facebook page for details regarding the opening time each month.

How to order a Molly Bear

Bear FamilyTo order your very own Molly Bear, we open the order form once a month, on the 30th for a limited number of orders.

You provide all information; child's name, weight, birthdate/angel date, any special requests and other information. Once your order and payment fee of $20 is completed, you will be placed on our waiting list.

We create bears in the order they were received. This is unless you choose to be a part of our opportunity drawings.

Molly Bears runs 100% off of your donations. Each donation made, no matter how big or small, helps us to fill the aching arms of baby-loss families all over the world.

Please be assured, we are working tirelessly to get your bear home and in your arms as quickly as we possibly can.