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Molly Bear Testimonials

My Molly Bear is not just “A Teddy Bear” but she is as precious to me as my sweet baby girl in Heaven today! When I initially placed my order for my Molly bear I was so anxious and nervous but I had no doubts that she would be amazingly beautiful but I had never expected for her to turn out absolutely “Perfect “! She is my second child. I have a son who will be turning six in June 2023 and he knows his baby sister is in Heaven and he loves her so much that he has it set in his mind that when me and him both have the time we are going to not drive ourselves but take anUber to Heaven because the drive is so far and he says he’s going to give his baby sister, Harmoni, the biggest hug and kiss on the cheek! I am so thankful for all of you and all the wonderful work you all do for people like me! I am very grateful for having a second opportunity to be able to not just cry while looking at pictures of my daughter but it means so much to be able to just sit down and hold her and just cry at times!
Harmoni Faythe
- Sonya Herr

Daniella Grace

I lost my baby girl Daniella at 27 weeks and it was the most heart wrenching experience. Because I had to have an emergency c-section I was very medicated and did fully feel all the emotions I needed to. When I found Molly Bears I knew I needed this to help me grieve and cope. The minute I held my bear I knew this was the best decision I had made. All the foggy hospital memories of holding my daughter flooded in. Thank you so much for what you do. I can’t thank you enough!
- Kristal Cerda

Mayson Allen Broadfield

This bear brings me a peace I didn’t know was possible. My bear weighs 3lbs 4 oz just like my sweet Mayson did. My sons nursery was done in Toy Story and they were able to put woody on the bear. This bear will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thank you so much for giving me this peace of mind.
- Kirstin Broadfield

McKayla Leanne Bain

Our Sweet McKayla Leanne was born on July 14, 2020 at 20 weeks. We received our McKayla Bear on November 18th which was two weeks before her original due date. I think all the time if that would have been her birthday. We absolutely love our McKayla Leanne Bear! We could not have asked for a better company to help grieving parents like my husband and I. Our bear goes everywhere with me. It helps me get through days that are bad and sometimes I just want to sit on the couch with her. I love having something that weighs just like our Sweet Angel McKayla Leanne.
- Morgan Bain


Such a precious reminder of our baby boy, Wyatt. Taking family photos each year would not be complete without Wyatt bear!
- Julianna Lockard


I received my Molly (Benjamin) Bear a couple months ago, I immediately felt so grateful. The details and everything about the bear is perfect. After losing Benjamin, I was longing for him, to hold him, to talk to him. Now that I have my bear, I find so much comfort holding my Molly Bear, weighing 1lb 15oz, same as our Benjamin. I talk to Benjamin everyday and tell him how much we love him. It's a nice remembrance of how it felt to be with Benjamin. Thank you Molly Bears for all you do and the passion you put into every bear you make for other families.
Sincerely, Michele Stockman
- Michele Stockman

Elijah Torres

Received our molly bear today . Words can’t explain how much this means to me . I cried seeing this, because it came out so perfect ... ??? Having this bear really does bring a piece of comfort . Thank You All So Much !
- Samantha Romero

Andre Darnell Ortiz Jr.

Our Molly Bear (Jr Bear is what we call him) brings us a ton of comfort. We have something soft and meaningful to add to photos. We recently welcomed our rainbow ? twins and they love staring at Jr Bear. Thank you all so much we will cherish him forever.
- Taniqua Bates

Sawyer Frost roberts

My bear was 100000% perfect and you instantly know it was made with love. It brought me and my husband so much healing and helped us in loving forward in our grieving process. Honestly couldn’t ask for something more meaningful.
- Alex Roberts

Ethan Leon

When Ethan died 7 hours after birth I knew I needed something to help remind me of him. I didn’t get to hold him for very long but my Molly Bear now helps me remember what it was like to hold him. My bear is everything I asked for and then some. It was made with love from someone I don’t know and I wouldn’t change anything.
- Shara Sztanski

Harper Kaylani Bejar

We received our Harper Bear about a week ago. As soon as I held it, I was overwhelmed with emotions. It made me feel like I was holding Harper one more time. I can’t thank molly bears enough for giving my empty arms some comfort with this special bear. The attention to detail to the things that represented Harper was just incredible; the bows on her hair, butterflies are what we associate with her, and her chest scar from her open heart surgeries. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing bear and for the touching note.
- Azucena Bejar


I received my Molly Bear on the Anniversary of my Angel’s passing. Not only was my Carlie bear absolutely beautiful, but when I lifted her out of the box I was amazed at how much she felt like a real baby. So much that I have not put her down since she was delivered. Even my daughter was impressed by the way you instinctively want to hold her like a baby due to the precise construction of the bear. My bear included her name and butterflies in her special colors. In addition to the careful details was a handwritten card from a mother that assisted with the assembly and special touches of my Carlie Bear. Words cannot express the volume of my gratitude to Molly Bears, Sabrina and Baby September, June, and October for a memorial that I will cherish forever. ❤️
- Jackie Trimble