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Molly Bear Testimonials

Viviana, Charles, Paul

I wanted to share this picture. I wanted to get Santa pictures but was nervous to go alone. I asked if some mom's from my hospital's loss support group wanted to come and before we knew it we had a mom's night out. It was a positive experience and we got to share our Babies and our Bears with everyone. We raised a little awareness that day and got the message out what your organization does.
- Jennifer Phillips

Emma Marie Graziano

This Molly Bear is absolutley amazing. It is beautiful and means so much to my wife and I. Holding it reminds us that Emma is here with us through our tough times. Our journey was a long one with multiple miscarriages in the first trimester. Emma was our 3rd pregnancy with very high hopes, making it to 24 weeks of pregnancy. She will forever be our baby girl and love her with all of our hearts. We want to thank Molly Bears, and Jessica who we think made our bear. It is a beautiful tangible way to hold our angel again.
- Daniel Graziano

Christian McMichael

We lost our sweet Christian on Veteran's Day 2010. He and his twin brother Tanner were born at 25 weeks, and Christian died of kidney failure at just 18 days old. We got our Molly Bear about a year after he passed, and it's been a constant source of comfort on our hardest days.
This year we took Tanner to Disney World, and I took this picture at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It's so very bittersweet, but it's perfect.
Our Molly Bear is the closest thing we have to getting a picture of them together again, and I am so thankful.
Thank you for helping fill the 1 lb 13 oz hole in our hearts.
- Morgan Porada

Caydean Adam

This was a hard thing for me to do but some how I worked up the courage and went to Bass Pro Shop this morning after my appointment. When I was pregnant with Caydean all I could think about was a picture of him with Santa at Bass Pro. This Santa and his elves were amazing to me. I walked up to them and asked if they wouldn't mind if I could get a picture taken like this and explained my story. Of course the tears started. I asked them not to laugh at my request. They said that Santa would be happy to do it for me. So I walked over to the line with tears still building in my eyes. As the young Landy went over and told him my story. He got up and waved me up to him and hugged me and asked me how long it's been. Asked me to sit and I said no I didn't want to be in the picture. I told him I always loved this background and wanted it for my child and this was the only way I would ever have it. So they took a couple shots and let me take one with my phone. Then after Santa prayed with me because he knew my heart was still broken. I give Bass Pro praise for the people they hire for this job. They gave me 3 copies of the picture with Caydean's bear and one of Santa praying with me.
- Tanya Sullivan

TrynLeigh Dae Ellis

This bear has helped my family so much. Our TrynLeigh Bear helps us to have something physical as a representation of our sweet angel. She went to see Santa with us and to see Christmas lights! She goes to school with my other children and sometimes we take turns sleeping with her. We recently found out we were expecting again and she will
Most definitely be a part of our family pictures from now on! We are so blessed to have this beautiful bear in our lives. While nothing can ever replace my sweet baby, this bear helps our grieving arms and hearts.
- Teirra Ellis


My baby girl will always have her guardian angel sister Westlyn with her. I always add my Westlyn bear family photos and pics with her sister Oaklyn. It’s the only way I will be able to have both babies together!
- Makenna Wright

Gwendolyn Everly

My biggest regret in life is that I didn't hold my daughter. She was born still at 23 weeks and had been gone for a few days so she wasn't in the best shape, at the time I just couldn't handle it. I didn't want to remember her like that. I was so excited when I learned about Molly Bears, I couldn't believe that I'd get a chance to hold her! Our Gwendolyn bear arrived not long before her first birthday and I am so grateful for that. I'm so grateful this company exists.

This is the first of many pictures of our Gwendolyn bear with our rainbow baby Jensen. I can't wait until he's old enough to understand just how important this little bear is.
- Kayla Charles

Isaiah & Herbie

Our bears allow us to tangibly include both of our boys in our lives. Molly Bears allows us to see all three of our children together, which is priceless to our family.
- Kandis Tubb

Kendall Ann

We love having our Kendall bear with us to hug and cherish. Her twin misses her sister and now we have our bear to hold onto.
- Stacey Holland


Our Jaxon bear is everything we thought it would Be! His twin Sawyer loves him and in some way just knows it's not a regular bear! You guy's rock and what everyone does means so much...Angels on earth for our Angels above
- Jennifer Coggins

Wiley Everett Spangler

Our identical twin boys were born at 33 weeks. We lost one at only a day old. Our Wiley Bear is an everyday reminder of our sweet angel and I love having something there to resemble him in family photos. It also helps his twin; He loves to cuddle his bear and talk about Wiley!
- Cortney Spangler


This is a picture of my 3 boys! Thank you Molly Bears for giving me this. This is Kyler and his twin brother Declan and their older brother Kade at the walk for memories ?
- Kristal MacTavish