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Molly Bear Testimonials

Wiley Everett Spangler

Our identical twin boys were born at 33 weeks. We lost one at only a day old. Our Wiley Bear is an everyday reminder of our sweet angel and I love having something there to resemble him in family photos. It also helps his twin; He loves to cuddle his bear and talk about Wiley!
- Cortney Spangler


This is a picture of my 3 boys! Thank you Molly Bears for giving me this. This is Kyler and his twin brother Declan and their older brother Kade at the walk for memories ?
- Kristal MacTavish


My Molly Bear has helped me a TON. You guys seriously thought of the best idea ever. I can't tell you how many times I hugged my Cooper bear and cried. My kids love to cuddle with him. They can barely pick him up though at 9lbs ?. It gives us something TANGLIBLE for family photos, when an absence would just be too painful. I knew I had to incorporate our bear in our pregnancy announcement photo, and I think this photo turned out perfect. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
- Jen Chappell

Alyssa Shay

When we received our Alyssa Bear we cried and hugged it so hard. This has ment so much to our family. We r enjoying her attending family functions with us. My baby boy has something to hold and talk to as he talks to his big sister. Alyssa is our middle baby and her sister misses her so much, this bear has given substance to our memories.
- Misty Brassfield

Asher Tate

Our Sweet Angel , Asher Tate was born on November 1, 2016. In January we were finally able to get our order in for our own Molly Bear. This past weekend, we received our "Asher" Bear! We can't thank you enough for sharing this with other families and giving loss families the opportunity to have a bear to hold when our arms were so empty. Pictured with our Asher bear are big brother and big sister who haven't smiled like this in months! Thank you Molly Bear and all volunteers for sending us so much comfort! We absolutely love our Asher Bear! We pray God's blessings on each one of you!
- Gina Chambers


Our Sophie Bear means more to us than I could ever put into words. She helped us grieve and heal in a way that was so special to us.
Pictured is with her baby brother, our rainbow baby.
- Lauren Waterson

Hadley Ann

We received our Hadley Bear a few months before our Rainbow Baby, Lennon, was born. The comfort and happiness it has brought our family is impossible to describe. We have loved getting to experience the feeling of holding our sweet Hadley in our arms. Hadley’s older siblings love sharing our bear with all our friends and family. We’re so grateful for the entire Molly Bear crew! There is no thank you big enough to express the healing you have brought to our family!!
- Katie Downing


My husband and I tragically lost our first baby girl, Kendyn, last July when she was born at 19 weeks and 5 days. We received our 12.2oz Molly Bear in early November almost 2 months after finding out we were pregnant again. We were excited, scared, and very nervous about this pregnancy. We are thrilled to share that our second daughter, Reagan, was born on May 2. We are so thankful to have our Molly Bear to share with her as a keepsake in honor of her sister who is her guardian angel.
- Erin Miller


I shared a picture of my family with our Molly Bear with you, but I wanted to share this picture too. My baby Cameron passed away on my living son’s birthday in July of 2016. I believe the two of them have a special bond or connection, so I just wanted to include this picture along with the family picture I shared with you. Thank you for everything you do for us!
- Barbara Modrow


I’m not sure where to start…Our Molly Bear has become a part of our family. When our baby Cameron past away in July of 2016, I was sent our Molly Bear soon after. Holding our Molly Bear (we call ours Cameron Bear) lets me feel closer to my little boy, and brings me comfort when I need to hold my baby. Our Molly Bear does not take the place of our baby boy, but holds a place for him in our family. Our Molly Bear has helped me out of depression, and brings me a sense of peace when I need it most. I will always miss my little boy and the pain of losing him will always be there, but having our Molly Bear helps me to get through the rough days and nights.
- Barbara Modrow


We lost our son Andrew when he was 10-weeks-old to SIDS/SUDI in August 2016. We received our Andrew bear right before his 1st birthday, just in time. Physically feeling the weight of Andrew again has been such a comfort for us. There's even something about the bear's smile that reminds me of Drew.

This is a photo of the day we found out the gender of our rainbow baby. It is so nice to be able to include a representation of Andrew in our family photos.

Thank you Molly Bears!
- Samantha Ebner

Kayla Mackenzie Smith

My Molly Bear means the entire world to me. I received my Kayla bear shortly before my angel's 1st birthday. It was so nice to be able to celebrate her day and have a part of her with us. My oldest daughter loves bringing Kayla bear out with us and telling everyone who will listen about her. I cannot wait until my younger kids are able to understand so they know all about their older sister too!
- Diedre Smith