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Molly Bear Testimonials


Our "Bennett Bear" means the world to our family! While we know our Bennett is always with us, our Bear gives us something to actually physically have a reminder of our Angel and to include him in our family. He will always be included in our family pictures.

Our Bennett Bear also often gave us some sense of comfort on those nights that were extremely hard and all we wanted was to feel our baby boy again!
- Courtney Reule


Our Molly Bear has given us all something to hold on too, something to include in photos and something tangible our daughters can have to remember and include our sweet Wesley into our daily life, forever our always Wesley Jon.
- Ashley Fischer

Stella Elizabeth Davis

Being able to hold the weight of my daughter now years after she has passed brings a sense of remembrance. After so long we tend to lose those little memories. So when i pick that bear up it helps take me back to that moment and and reminds me she is real. She may not physically be here anymore but she was.
- Liz Davis


We lost Lily in March 2014 to trisomy 18. A year and 4 months later we welcomed her beautiful rainbow baby sister. Our Lily Bear is a way for us to include a missing piece of family into all of our family photos and that just makes me heart so full of love.
- Lauren Kaye

Timothy Boaz

This picture is so special because our boys our together, our rainbow baby Jadon and his big brother Timothy "bear"
- Candace Tamblingson


Being able to feel what your baby's weight felt like again in your arms is amazing.
- Tricia Halford

Logan Alexander

We lost our baby, Logan at 18 weeks on February 9, 2016 after a very surprising doctor visit where we found out our very healthy baby now had no heartbeat. After having had 2 miscarriages prior (and one after Logan) our hearts were and are completely broken.

As soon as I held our bear, my eyes filled with tears and something inside of me was restored. Feeling his weight, holding him close to my face takes me right back to that day at the hospital. We are so thankful for our Logan bear!

Sandy made our bear and she did an amazing job at capturing the exact look we had in mind to remind us of Logan. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

With grateful hearts,
Joel and Lauren Woo
- Joel and Lauren Woo

Erika Leonela

To hold her felt so warming remembering me of when I held Erika for the first time. I cried holding it feeling so many emotions. I lost her 37 weeks to umbilical cord being wrapped around twice. She's been gone a little over 8 months. and has helped my oldest daughter Nayeli so much to be able to put Erika's clothes on her and cuddle with her molly bear. This pic is all 3 of my girls. Nayeli oldest Martha middle child and my angel Erika (mollybear)
- Paula Amaya

Noah McGinnis

Our little Noah Bear is such an awesome blessing to our family! When I placed my 'order' for my bear, my only request was that it have his name so I could use it for photos... and it does! Perfect! I remember it arrived the few days after Noah's first birthday, making it a little easier! I love to see my kids snuggling the bear! My oldest slept with him for the longest time, until we had to put him up because of the dog. Molly Bears, you have provided something so perfect and so wonderful! I am blessed! Thank you!
- Mariah McGinnis

Ava and Kiley

When our twins were born in April 2014, we were devastated to learn our daughter, Ava, was stillborn. Her identical twin, Kiley was born alive, but in critical condition. The four days that Kiley lived in the NICU were a whirlwind of emotions for our family. We were grieving the loss of one twin while holding onto hope for our surviving twin. Unfortunately, Kiley joined her sister in Heaven. We weren't able to hold both our girls together while in the hospital nor do we have any photos of them together. The day our Molly Bears arrived in the mail and we held both bears in our arms brought us to tears.

Our bears represent the first time we could truly fathom what it would have been like to hold both our daughters. They are also a way our 6 year old and 3 month old can connect with their sisters. We feel fortunate to have our Ava and Kiley bears and are grateful to the people who made the bears.
- Jessica Luntta

Jaden and Lucas

My molly bears are so special to me because not only are they way for me to physically, even though symbolically, hold my babies, but they are a tangible way for my daughter to interact with her brothers. I've have two angel baby boys- Jaden (stillbirth) and Lucas (born at 26 weeks, lived for one month in the NICU). They are in my thoughts and heart all the time and I just want to express my gratitude to the founders and volunteers at Molly Bears. You truly make a hard thing just a little easier.
- Jennifer Fox


Our Brady Bear is a true blessing to us. He is in all of our family photos as he represents the little boy that should be there. It's nothing in true comparison of our sweet boy sitting on our laps, but to us this is something that can be there with us, that signifies him, and his life. Something that shows that he did exist- and still does in our hearts. That he was, and always is, a part of our family. It's something that we can hold in our aching arms when we are missing him the most as we make these precious memories without him. Our Brady Bear has made family picture enjoyable again. A priceless gift to a grieving family's heart.
- Amanda Charon